The Economic Development Corporation, serving Fresno County ("EDC"), in partnership with the City and County of Fresno, is providing assistance to all businesses impacted by the nation’s first High-Speed Rail ("HSR") project.  In this respect, the EDC is assisting local business with a variety of relocation support services. 

Department Mission
To provide empathetic, knowledgeable and effective service to all impacted business owners affected by HSR to ease the transition and foster retention.

Department Goal
To assist all impacted business owners in transitioning into similarly situated properties, and to assure their past, current and future needs to succeed as a profitable and sustainable business are identified and cultivated by EDC programs, its partners and other applicable organizations and resources.

Confidential Services Provided Free of Charge

  • Site Selection
    The EDC works closely with local real estate professionals to identify similarly situated relocation properties.
  • Local Permitting & Regulations
    The EDC works closely with the City and County of Fresno to coordinate consistency, clarity and the expedient issuance of entitlements and other jurisdictional requirements.
  • Financing
    The EDC works closely with local agencies to assist with Industrial Development Bonds, loan guarantees, direct financing, local development funds, grants, micro-loan programs and SBA loan packages.
  • Meetings
    The EDC coordinates meetings with PG&E, California permitting agencies, HSR Authority and any other local or state agency necessary to ease the transition process.

Staff Contact Information


Will Oliver

Director of Business Services

(559) 476-2518

Clay Gilpin

Business Support Coordinator, HSR

(559) 476-2517

Josh Howell

Business Support Analyst, HSR

(559) 476-2520

Selene Kinder

Business Support Specialist, HSR

(559) 369-7713

Important Links and Information

California High-Speed Rail Authority Website:

City of Fresno Website:\

Fresno Works Website:

Information For Your Business

HSR: Your Rights And Benefits - Relocation Assistance Program (580 KB)

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